Wednesday, December 30, 2015

that moment

when you try to honor the life that you have shared for the past six years.

when you look up, and realize that you are surrounded by around 50 of the most brave, amazing, strong and beautiful women you could ever imagine.

when you realize that you cannot possible take in all of the beauty and love that is surrounding you.

when you wonder how you ever got to live the past 6 years, all its highs and lows and twists and turns, and how you got to share life with these women.

when you cannot believe that anyone would say that you have served them...because it is so glaringly obvious that you are the one who has learned, and been loved, and been served by them.

and you cry.

and it easily would have turned into an ugly cry...except you know how much it bothers them when you cry.

so you dwell in the moment as best as you can, and soak up as much of that ocean of love as your little heart and soul can

you kiss her on the forehead - because she is your sister, and you have been though hard days with her, and you will miss her more than you can acknowledge

and then, because you can, just this one more time, you turn and yell over your shoulder, "see you tomorrow"

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