Monday, June 1, 2015

don't forget to hope

I’ve spent the past few days running around this hot and humid city like a crazy person. (I’m not exaggerating here).

For the past year and half I’ve been working on getting a government registration for Sari Bari Trust. I’ve been playing the long, slow game on this one. Learning what I could learn…from anyone who would teach me. Taking small, seemingly insignificant steps. Slowly slowly this thing has been moving forward.

And then on Wednesday I met with someone who was willing to help us. And he wanted to file all the paperwork by Monday. Which was awesome (cause I really wanted to get this thing moving/done before I left for the US next week)…and was crazy cause of the amount of work it would take to get everything in order by then.

So many papers. To draft and print and sign and stamp.
identity documents
You think you’re done…and then you find out you need one more thing.
One more trip to another office.
Certified copies
Missing documents needing to be tracked down
Trips to other parts of town to get what I need.

I’m telling you, I was like a chicken with my head cut off.

Monday. That’s crazy fast (which is a funny thing to say about something that I’ve been working on for a year and a half). How can something be simultaneously so fast, and so slow? Or so slow and long…and then a sprint at the end?

I spent Thursday running around frantic. 

And as I woke up on Friday, I was prepared to do it all again.
Lists of things to do
Detail lists so nothing is forgotten.
Phone calls
The need for one more clarification
The exasperated, “what?! I need to do that?!”

And then, in the quite of Friday morning – I remembered.
I remembered why I was doing this.
I remembered all the hope and possibility that is on the other side of this mad paper work dash.
I remembered the dreams, and stability, and growth that I’m doing this for.
I remembered why this is so important.
I remembered to hope.
To dream.
Oh…this will be so amazing when it’s done.

I remembered what is my job (getting all the details together)
And what is not (all that will be done once I’ve done my best)

So the documents have been gathered.
Monday they will be (were?) submitted.

And now, I wait.
And hope.
And pray.

(…and let’s be  honest…I’ll also be making lists of things to do and contingency plans, and explanations to co-workers for necessary follow up depending on how this goes on Monday…I know…I know…I’m a bit pathological…but I guess to me, that’s just where hard work, pure stubbornness, hope and dreams get all mixed together…and how new awesome seasons get started…)

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