Monday, April 27, 2015


Today my heart cries "Mercy"
The almost inaudible plea for mercy

Some days my heard and mind cry "Justice!"
The impassioned fight for justice rings through my being and into my hands, feet and actions.

Some days my heart yells, "Anger!"
The fire in my belly that declares, demands that "This should no, cannot, be"
(whatever the "this" of that moment happens to be")

Some days my heard cries, "Help!"
with the keen knowledge that we are in way over our heads
desperate for help.

Some days my heart surrenders in a declaration of "Powerless"
This is usually a lie, but it feels very true at the time.

Some days my heard defiantly questions, "How Long?!"
How long until peace and love, joy and justice take their proper place in our hurting, broken world?

But today,
Today, my heart cries "Mercy!"

So I remember,
"You are the same God whose nature it is to always show mercy"
and that becomes my prayer.


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Jodi said...

Love you girl. Thanks for sharing.